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Frequently Asked Questions

Why iDivorce?

We have 10years of experience in family law matters and can give you as much or as little support that is needed each client needs different levels of support.

Will I have someone that deals with my case personally?

Yes each case is given a case manager who will be able to keep you informed each step of the way.

When can I contact my Case Manager?

Unlike the majority of high street and online companies we are here when you need us, we understand that life still goes on and that the majority of companies work 9 – 5 whilst most people are working. We are open from 7:30am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm Saturday and operate an out of our service also including Sundays. This can be done via phone, email or via a skype video chat for that more personal touch.

Why are you so much cheaper than my local solicitor?

Unlike high street solicitors we have a lot lower overheads and managed to keep costs down which allow us to pass this saving on to you, we are not here to profit from this difficult time in your life.

How quick can I get the process started?

We operate different levels of our service, we can have a local representative with you in 2 hours to get the divorce petition signed and lodge it with the court, we can also courier the documents next day so it is up to you to decide.

What if I think there is going to be problems?

If you think that your spouse may try to delay or cause problems this is nothing that we have not dealt with before, there is not really much that we have not had to deal with. Just tell us any concerns and we can discuss these with you.

Can I get divorced?

This is a question that is not too uncommon and normally from fairly newly married couples, as long as you have been married for 12 months you can normally look at divorce. If this is not the case we can still look at other options for you just call us on we can look at this for you.

What are the court costs?

We will look at your financial situation and see if it is possible to get fee exemption from the courts. This is something that we will look at with you to ensure that we can keep the costs to you down to a minimum.

There are joint debts?

We have been dealing in financial matters for a long time and there are various solutions available so that you can make a clean break from the marriage, this is something that would be look in to by your case manager with you.

Will I lose my House?

This is a very common question and normally the most worrying, we have a specialist solicitor on our team that will be able to talk to you about this and give you the best advice on how we can start to deal with this for you.